The first season set of Eastbound and Down, the brilliant HBO show from Jody Hill, Ben Best and Danny McBride, is due to be released June 30th. I just got the press release, and details are sparse (there isn’t even any cover art), but it’s going to be a two disc set and will have some special features:

Out in stores on June 30, 2009, the 2-disc DVD set includes all six episodes from Season One, plus bonus materials including Making Eastbound & Down, deleted scenes, bloopers, audio commentaries, Kenny Powers: Greatest Hits, and two fake car commercials with actor/comedian Will Ferrell (who guest stars as a local car dealership owner and also serves as an executive producer of the show).

And it’s retailing at just 29.98, which is like a pittance in HBO DVD terms. There’s no word on Blu-Ray.

I had a chance to hang out with Jody Hill a couple of weekends back and I’ll tell you that his plans for season two sound great. I don’t know when that will start, so I’ll be happy to have this set to tide me over.