It’s got to be a good time to be Bradley Cooper. The Hangover is going to have legs because it is as ridiculous and funny as you might hope, and he’s had rumors float up about appearing in two big tentpole films: Green Lantern and The A-Team. Trouble is, he doesn’t have either of those roles.

I just talked to Cooper this morning when he swung through Atlanta to promote The Hangover. We talked briefly about Green Lantern, and he reiterated what he said in Vegas last weekend: that he doesn’t know anything about it. But when asked about The A-Team, he had the same response.

He says his comments in Vegas, as reported by IESB, were taken out of context. “A guy came up to me and asked about the character Faceman in The A-Team. I said ‘Oh, that’s out there already?’, but my point was that news about the film is out there. Literally that people knew about Carnahan and the remake, that’s it. I haven’t read a script or met Joe Carnahan.”

Is that backpedaling or just surprise from a guy who hasn’t had to deal with the rumor mill until now? (His rep, after the interview, again reiterated that neither rumor was true) It’s not the most difficult thing to believe that he hadn’t known that trades broke Carnahan’s active role in the re-do quite a while ago.

Both roles, and Faceman in particular, are things he could likely do quite well. As little as I care about The A-Team, after The Hangover I’d actively like to see him in the role. At this point, when the actual casting is announced, I really won’t be surprised if he’s in the film, or out.