Everyone knows how poor Deadpool’s character got mangled in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. They took what was one of the best Marvel characters and they ruined everything good about him, making fans go absolutely nuts. It shouldn’t have been that hard to do the character right!

But Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is on the way and Deadpool’s back in it, in his old duds with his old powers. Activision today released this new trailer that’s all about the Merc with a mouth. Check it out:

I’m personally not a huge fan of Ultimate Alliance or X-Men Legends, which I know makes about 98% of you question my sanity. But for fans this new one’s looking like more of the same, just upgraded, with new combos and characters and such.
The game will follow Marvel’s ridiculous Civil War story. I for one won’t be happy unless Captain America is the end boss, and you can kill that old bastard. And then drink and cry next to his corpse.