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You never see Jon break out his Yellow Steel look so early in the season.

You will learn the game. Through the game, comes the endorsements. Endorsement money that will put you and me on a plane away from the she-bitch back home. We’re going to ride a freedom train to gravy town. Now, just sink this shot.

If I just roll my eyes a little further back, I can spear my brain.

Ok, girls! SERIOUS THIS TIME! Fire drill starts now.

If you linger too long here, Chris Hansen will appear in your kitchen.

I can’t escape the nightmare, but my hair can. When I watch it flush down the drain, I weep. I want to go wear my follicles went. One day, this nightmare will be over and my hair will greet me in Heaven. Goodbye, bangs. You were my friend.

Women all around the world want to wear this top. My stylist told me so. No, I’m not familiar with the story of Narcissus. I only read the Chicken Soup series and USA Today.

The boys knew that with the older male gone, it was up to one of them to feed the ninth Gosselin child. His name is Tokka and he lives in the basement.

There are more Asians over the age of 10 in this shot, then in the past four seasons of this show.

Homogenization of cultures activate! Form of weeping Asian!

6.0 out of 10