We last told you about Dolan’s Cadillac back in May 2008, when it had just started filming. Not much has been heard about the Stephen King adaptation since, but today out of nowhere a trailer popped up on the Minds Eye Pictures website, and has been uploaded on Daily Motion by Dread Central.

If you’ve never read the short story, you won’t have to after this. In fact, you’ll never want to after this, because it might be one of the worst trailers I’ve yet seen.

Let’s see- does it reveal everything that happens in the film including every plot twist and even the ending? Yep.

Does it have long and boring dialogue, full of quotations that don’t work out of context? Oh yeah.

Is Christian Slater the lamest mob boss you’ve ever seen? Most definitely.

This should be shown in schools as the absolute wrong way to cut a trailer, because you sure as shit will lose any slight interest you once had in seeing the film.