I’ve been nervous and excited about the new version of V, coming to ABC midseason this year. I love the original series, scales and all, and have not been sure that an update would capture what I loved about that show. Now there are two new clips from the pilot online (which I found via AICN), and while they don’t really assuage my fears, they at least show a program that appears to be watchable.

In the first clip Morena Baccarin (looking weird with short hair) plays a character who appears to be an amalgamation of Diana and the Leader, and she addresses the world via the biggest hi-def screens ever – the undersides of 29 Visitor motherships.

Next up: Diana begins an interview with a journalist played by Scott Wolf. It seems she doesn’t understand how the interview game is played on Earth (or actually, she totally understands and makes sure no uncomfortable questions get asked).

Well, I’ll be watching (on ABC.com, of course. Or maybe through my HDTV antenna). You know what I would love in the new V? Some Barack Obama commentary. I mean, this could be great for political satire – the new saviours come from on high, but they’re hiding something. While I don’t see BO quite like that, I know many Americans do, and the fear that he’ll turn around and sell out his faithful supporters is lingering at the edge of every liberal’s mind. There’s your new subtext, V.