The first images of Sam Worthington in his costume as Perseus, hero of Clash of the Titans, have arrived online. There are five pictures, each of which Crave Online has given its own page to help you exercise your click-through muscles. Thanks, Crave!

To these eyes Worthington’s outfit looks more Russell Crowe than Harry Hamlin; I’m sort of disappointed that he’s keeping his Marine style hairdo for the role. Maybe this outfit and that hair are more realistic for the period (and I honestly have no clue) but who wants realism? I want togas and magnificent man-nipples.

I spoke to Worthington at the junket for Terminator Salvation and he talked about the scenes they had shot as of last week: Medusa, the three witches, the giant scorpions. I had thought this version of the film was going to be quite different from the wonderful original, but it does sound as though they’re sticking, set-piece-wise, close to the first film.

Click here for the rest of the photos and be prepared to click and click again.