Is a Milla Jovovich comeback in the cards? You may not remember, but prior to this decade, while Jovovich wasn’t exactly a name that screamed ‘great actress,’ it also didn’t scream ‘heading into the world of straight to DVD genre films.’ Resident Evil seems to have created a detour for the Ukrainian beauty, but she may be ready to get back on track.

Jovovich has been cast in Stone, a movie that will see her against both Robert DeNiro and Edward Norton. And I mean against as both an acting term and as a descriptor: Jovovich will play the wife to Norton’s paroled arsonist; she seduce DeNiro, his parole officer, and ensnares him in one of those deadly psychological webs we see in so many movies.

John Curran, who survived an encounter with Ed Norton on The Painted Veil, is directing. The film is being produced by Nu Image, the folks behind Rambo and Conan. Seriously! It films next month in the midwest.

via Variety