At this point I want The A-Team movie to be made just so we can stop writing about it. How is it possible that I’ve come to a point in my life where I’ve likely written more words about Hannibal and Howling Mad Murdock and Faceman and BA Baracus than I have about Godard? Jesus, my priorities are fucked.

But we’re getting closer. Joe Carnahan’s take on the not-very-good 80s action TV show is inching closer to reality, and its cast is starting to come together, just like one of Hannibal’s oh so clever plans!

Last week we heard that Common was in negotiations to play BA Baracus, the role that enshrined Mr. T for a nation of people no longer able to tell when they like something ironically or not. Now IESB is reporting that Bradley Cooper is in talks to play Face.

Cooper’s got one hell of an agent. How is it possible that his name is associated with Green Lantern and The A-Team? He’s claiming the Green Lantern talk is all BS, while web sites are elbowing each other to debunk his debunking. The day I get that riled up about Cooper… well, that’s the day that his agent should get a bonus, because I had previously found the dude utterly dull.

I wish Joe Carnahan nothing but the best with this film, but I’d really rather see a Carnahan movie that comes from this guy’s own personal imagination. I understand that everybody gotta pay the bills, but here’s hoping The A-Team doesn’t derail Carnahan’s next passion project.