You don’t see the line being crossed. You don’t realize when it’s too late. You just wake up one day and find that the polar ice caps have melted and your beach front property is now a fish hatchery. Or that your interesting directors are adapting crushingly non-narrative board games into movies.

Peter Berg is looking to make a movie out of the game Battleship, believe it or not. You would think that a movie studio could make a naval battle movie without adapting something – especially something without even the barest of stories – but you’d be wrong.

There’s no word on the story yet, but apparently Universal – who are up to their asses in board game movie right now – are looking to make an ‘epic naval adventure.’ It’s unclear if the movie will actually spring from the game – ie, two dipshitty kids magically get sucked into the game – of if they’ll just use the branding to sell a standard ships at sea movie.

What does this mean for Berg’s adaptation of Dune? It’s unclear what the timeline on Battleship is, so maybe Dune is falling to the wayside.