MSRP: $21.95

RUNNING TIME: 92 minutes


The Pitch

A sleazy studio owner goes out of his way to sign a Cabaret singer.

The Humans

Ole Soltloft, Cia Lowgren, Kate Mundt, Louise Frevert and Lisbeth Olsen

The Nutshell

Studio owners Benny Master and Ulrik Ulvenstein both want to sign Dolores Rossi. Miss Rossi is Denmark’s hottest cabaret star and she’s got a voice that’s going to sell a million records. Master has a twin brother who steps in and gets involved with the hunt for Rossi. This leads to sexy events that involves three-ways and more lesbian action than you can handle. I wasn’t familiar with the Danish Tegn films before this, but now I want to see more.

This means something.

The Lowdown

Smirk is a distributor that I know nothing about. Danish Tegn films manage to slip beneath my smut radar. The two brought together have unleashed a new world of filth that I never thought possible. When it comes to Scandinavian smut, I automatically rely on the Swedes to fill the niche. The Danes do something weird, as they try to tell a comedic story in between the fucking.

Once you get past the setup of the two men lusting after Denmark’s newest singing talent, you’ve got to pay attention to the sex. What was once a major summer release in Denmark is finally getting an audience in North America. There’s lesbian action out the ass. There’s enough hairy beaver to bust even the best Norelcos, Gilettes and Schicks on the market. Then, there’s the awkward fucking.

Christopher Walken at 198.

Reviewing erotica is such an odd beast, as you’re automatically facing an uphill battle with conveying such paper-thin material to the masses. Most people that pick up the DVD, will find it for a laugh. Watching hairy old Euro-trash actors thrusting and sliding in and out of the ham locker is only for so long. It’s not sexy and I feel bad for the teenage kid that stumbles upon this film as they hope for something more. The film stands as a cheesy time capsule at an era that has long since died.

The closest to filthy that I can get.

Free cinematic love and the gross indulgences that go along with flashing a tit or hairy bush onscreen. That’s what makes this film such a pleasure to endure. There’s humor to be had, as you push past the main story and just watch these no-name actors get penetrated on camera. The A/V Quality is very sharp for such a bizarre foreign film. I wish that the audio was a little crisper towards the end of the film. That last reel obviously has some source print damage as a lot of audio gets clipped to the point of being unintelligible.

There’s always got to be one fuck-up.

The Package

There are no special features.

7.0 out of 10