MSRP: $21.95
RUNNING TIME: 90 minutes

Still Gallery

The Pitch

Old women write porn.

The Humans

Ole Soltoft, Else Petersen, Karl Stegger, Anne-Marie Berglund, Magi Stocking, Judy Gringer and Anne Magle

The Nutshell

Rosa and Soffy are two old ladies who can’t seem to find a publisher for their novels. Everyone tells them that they aren’t erotic enough. So, the ladies take local folklore and crank up the lesbian sex in them. This leads to erotic adventures and the chance to sell a book. This leads to the old ladies getting their nephew involved.

The Lowdown

The Danes are at it again. This time they’ve involved the elderly and tales from their nation’s past. The two old ladies are trying to get their book published, so they turn to historical fiction erotica. This takes the country by storm, so they have to do something to save their good name. The ladies decide to have their nephew be the public face of the book. No sex comes out of this.

The erotic happenings take place in the flashbacks to the past events in the book. People line up at gloryholes. Ladies lick carpet and go muff diving. Pork swords are drawn and thrust lovingly into the beefsteak canal. The camera work is more inventive in this film, as you’ve got active set flow leading to better shots of penetration.

The sex is still awkward, as you have the most amateur of actors fumbling about the others’ genitals. You get some decent action from the older ladies at the start of the film, but it seems like they weren’t quite aware of the film’s true content. Decent fuckery is afoot, as the filmmakers have become more imaginative in their setups. Plus, you get some oral and other variations outside of the usual in, then out, in, then out, hold for a moment and then back in.

movie is a bizarre treat for those of us that are used to airbrushed porn. The film is framed in a nice 1.78:1 that displays like a dream on modern LCD televisions. The transfer is almost crystal clear with the appropriate amount of film grain onscreen. There’s an image gallery that is a bizarre collection of some stills taken from the flick. But, that’s hardly a special feature. More like a quick spank-o-rama for fans without patience.

Glenn Shadix even gets to fuck in a Danish blue film.

The Package

There are no special features outside of a crappy still gallery.

6.0 out of 10