Yes, you read that headline right: the Wuthering Heights adaptation is finally happening! After lots of delays – there was a director in place last year and Michael Fassbender was set to play Heathcliff while Natalie Portman was on for Cathy – there’s a new director, a new cast and a feeling that the movie could shoot this year.

Gemma Arterton is playing Catherine, and she makes my heights do anything but wuther. Gossip Girl‘s Ed Westwick (I guess he was in Son of Rambow and Children of Men as well, but i don’t really recall him) will be playing Heathcliff. I will be playing Lasagna Cat.

The director is Peter Webber, who found mediocre middle of the road success with The Girl With the Pearl Earring. I imagine that Wuthering Heights will be more of the same – ie, unseen by me.

In the meantime, enjoy The Semaphore Version of Wuthering Heights.