The Twilight role! No, this isn’t a story about Robert Pattinson designed to artificially inflate traffic*. I’m talking about old actors who get that one last performance. Think Spencer Tracy in Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?. Oliver Reed in Gladiator. Brad Renfro in The Informers.


Anyway, Jerry Lewis has his Twilight role. There’s no way the comedian and telethon leader has that many more years in him, so until he finally releases The Day The Clown Cried, Max Rose could be his last role. The movie will see Lewis playing ‘a widower who revisits key moments in his
‘ according to the Hollywood Reporter. How amazing would it be if the film just repurposed footage from old Lewis movies using CGI and dubbing? Imagine old Jerry Lewis flashing back to Cinderfella

Max Rose is written and directed by Daniel Noah, a dude with no other real credits. I wonder if Noah’s uncle is Lewis’ chiropractor or something.

* can you believe the sites that ran the ‘New Moon script was found in the trash and returned’ story last week?