Tonight Shock Til You Drop’s Ryan Rotten is starting a new series at the New Beverly. His first film is The Car, starring James Brolin doing battle with a driverless vehicle from hell. I’ve never seen this sucker, so I’m pretty excited to go and check it out.

The movie starts at 11:59PM sharp (lol, not sharp. This is like an in-joke for New Bev regulars) and Ryan will be doing some giveaways and possibly letting you touch his muscles. I would do anything to have a body like Ryan’s… except work out and eat right. Anything else, though!

Next month Ryan returns to the New Bev with one of my old favorites, Motel Hell. In the meantime, here’s the New Bev’s address and the trailer for The Car. Looks awesome.

The New Beverly Cinema
7165 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles