Back in March, we were treated to a low-quality GDC glimpse of Uncharted 2‘s single player campaign, featuring Nathan Drake shooting thugs in a burned-out Asian rubblescape. Here’s the official version of that video, confirming that the Uncharted sequel looks just as good as its predecessor:

Apparently Nathan Drake is still the wisecracking, invincible beefcake that Indiana Jones isn’t. These days, at least. We’ve already reported on Uncharted 2: Among Thieves‘ new multiplayer modes, so it’s nice to get a better view of its single player offering. Set a few years after the original, the sequel follows Drake in Asia as he unravels a Marco Polo-related mystery, and is supposedly darker and edgier than the first. Hey, as long as he’s not shooting exclusively at brown people anymore.

Expect Naughty Dog’s newest to hit shelves this fall, as well as a multiplayer beta voucher with the purchase of the upcoming PS3 exclusive inFamous.