Rian Johnson’s second film, The Brothers Bloom, opens this Friday. If you’re in LA and can hold off one day to see it you’ll get a chance to witness a colossal battle of the wits as I take on Rian in a post-screening Q&A at the Arclight theater. And not just once, but twice! I’ll be hosting the Q&A after the 4:35 and 7:35 shows.

It should be a fun night and I’d like to encourage everybody to come out and see a pretty great movie from a filmmaker who has a lot more goodness ahead of him. If you can’t make it Saturday, Rian will be doing Q&As on Sunday at the Landmark, hosted by Aint It Cool’s Mr. Beaks. But fuck those shows, I’ll have already asked all the good questions on Saturday. I’m thinking of springing this one on Rian: ‘Where did you get the idea for this movie?’ Hai-kiba!

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