So last night my girlfriend and I had a really early breakfast at Denny’s. The service was a tad bit slow, it was around 11 after all, and there were only 2 waitresses. There was two large groups of people around us. The group to my right was a pretty trashy looking, except for the mom who was pregnant, and wearing a nice looking dress. the sons were all dressed in baggy clothes, and kept complaining about the food. The mom even sent back the meal she ordered without eating it. She had even put ketchup on the fries! After they left, my girlfriend asked if they had left a tip. I said no. She told me that the other large group that was in the same room as us, but in her immediate line of sight didn’t leave a tip either.

My girlfriend left her a tip of about 4 bucks, and then I paid the check. That’s some shit. Those two large groups of people are so dickheaded that they don’t even think that waitresses make shit, and they depend on their tips. So the service is a little slow. It’s the late shift, and the waitress was being really nice about everything, and it sucks. That waitress could have made at least 13 bucks from those other two groups if it was just a buck per person. My girlfriend was really appalled by it. Even when we get bad service we usually leave at least a buck.

Whenever we go out to eat, my girlfriend and I are usually generous with the tip. We usually leave no less than 4 dollars, sometimes 5.That’s just us.

Rene’s song of the day: “Harmonica’s theme” Ennio Morricone.

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