It’s such a great thing that they decided to include multiplayer in Ghostbusters: The Game. It’s so glaringly obvious to allow people to play as all four members of the team (well five, if you count the new guy), and this trailer shows how much fun it could be.

There will be two different co-op modes, instant action (where you play one of 12 different maps and do a variety of missions) and Campaign mode, where you work through one of four different environments to earn cash and upgrade equipment.

Here’s a list of the six “jobs” that you can handle.

1. Survival: Survive a paranormal onslaught
2. Containment: Capture all the ghosts
3. Destruction: Eliminate mysterious artifacts to prevent spawning ghosts
4. Protection: Protect Egon’s devices
5. Thief: Save the artifacts from being stolen by ghosts
6. Slime Dunk: Dunk the most Slimers

So yeah, sold yet? Of course you are.