That’s the sign I was greeted with after getting off my plane at SFO a couple of hours ago. My driver was holding it, and chuckled when I did a double take at it.

I’m back in town for EA’s Dante’s Inferno Community Day, and it’s immediately obvious that EA is pulling out all the stops with this. In my hotel room I ran into this pile of goodies on my bed.

The book looks like those Evil Dead cases, and the scarred flesh feels about the same. It’s a full illustrated copy of Dante’s Inferno, a different translation than the book I read on the flight over. Tucked inside are various quotes from the poem on charred pieces of paper. The scroll is about the coolest NDA that I’ve ever had to sign.

Tomorrow all the festivities start, but I have no idea when I’ll be able to write about them. Still, stay tuned for gameplay impressions and developer interviews!