Last night I saw Drag Me To Hell, the new Sam Raimi horror film, and I can’t help but feel the director has been wasting his time for the last decade. It’s obvious that this kind of movie is where his heart lives, and so any news of Spider-Man 4 feels a touch melancholy. It represents two more years where Sam won’t get to do this kind of a ‘spook-a-blast’ movie.

But there is a Spider-Man 4 on the horizon, and it’s fast approaching. In fact, JoBlo reports that they have heard Raimi, at an unnamed press event (the Drag premiere last night? Sony’s ‘slate report’ today?) say “I’ve just started working on the next installment of the Spiderman series. David Lindsay-Abaire is in New York right now writing the screenplay and I am going to receive a draft of it in about 3 weeks I think.”

The Drag Me To Hell junket is on Monday. Expect a lot of people asking Sam about Spider-Man 4. Hopefully no one will waste his time with Evil Dead 4 questions, since that’s essentially what Drag Me To Hell is.