There’s a 700-plus page thread (36,000 posts and counting!) in our forums dedicated to the deep, manly love of action b-movies, and it’s there that one poster mentioned photos of teaser posters for The Expendables that had shown up on a French forum. The pics were snapped at the Cannes booth for Nu Image / Millenium, and show off Stallone, Statham and (in the first photo I’ve seen of him in the film) Jet Li.

The Stallone image should be familiar, and while it makes a pretty great poster, will these designs appear outside of the festival sales market? I almost hope not, because while I like those, much more fantastic is the banner that was snapped around Cannes, as shown in photos on this forum. This is a promo image I can get behind. ‘Semper FiGHT!’? Glorious laughter, yes.

EDIT: Or, are any of these skull and tattoo banners real at all? That’s the famous Ritz Carlton they’re supposedly adorning, and searching Flickr and other sources for the same views, you won’t see those banners. If the photoshoppery wasn’t too obvious, that casts more than a bit of doubt that they’re anything but bullshit. But they’re still fun designs, so I’m leaving the up.