Fuck 3D. If ever a theater gimmick needed to make a comeback, it’s Odorama, and there’s no better picture for it than a big screen version of American Gladiators. Imagine the scent of sweaty dudepecs wafting through a packed theater. Deeply inhale during the exciting changing of the underwear scene. This movie could play for years in the Castro.

But yes, it’s true. An American Gladiators movie is in development right now. According to Variety, The goal is to create an action story that takes place inside the world producer [Johnny] Ferraro has created. What world? American Gladiators is a fucking game show. Press Your Luck, with its little devils, had more of a ‘world’ (and I’ve already optioned it, so step off mufuckers).

In a cool world, the American Gladiators movie would be a futuristic, ultraviolent Smash TV meets Running Man kind of thing. But this is not a cool world, so it will probably be set in the world of a TV game show, but with a criminal plot that our Gladiators must uncover/stop. Maybe somebody is robbing the NBC Commissary. Or perhaps the world’s supply of hairspray and spray on tan is threatened by Al Qaeda extremists.

There’s no script right now. Don’t expect that to change between today and the eventual release.