Some celebrities work for the starving children of the world. Others have environmental causes they support. Still others get involved in politics. Aziz Ansari is pissed off about IMAX.

The comedian and co-star of Parks & Recreation went to see Star Trek in IMAX in Burbank this past weekend and, after paying 5 extra bucks for his ticket, was shocked to find that his theater was nowhere near the size of what one expects from an IMAX screen. Here’s an example (using New York screens):

This is a pretty widespread situation, actually – IMAX is licensing out their name for theaters that have digital projection and sound, but in no way have the scope that you expect from IMAX. I saw The Day the Earth Stood Still on one of these FakeMAX screens.

Aziz is calling for a complete boycott of IMAX; since I don’t really see IMAX movies I’m all for it. Click here to read about Aziz’s experience and his action plan.