Great news! Glenn McQuaid’s I Sell The Dead (review here) has just been picked up for distribution by IFC!

Starring Dominic Monaghan and Larry Fessenden (with cameos by Angus Scrimm and Ron Perlman), the film’s about a couple of grave robbers who get in trouble while trying to obtain some more supernatural corpses. Viewers at Slamdance and the Philly Cinefest already know how much fun it is, but IFC will release the film theatrically and on-demand this August. It’s going to hit Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand via Anchor Bay Entertertainment Canada, and Screen Media is handling the rest of the globe. The film will also hit the LA Film Fest this June if you can’t wait.

Said director Glenn McQuaid, “After literally traveling the world on the I Sell the Dead film festival tour, I’m over the moon that we’ve found a home for the movie with IFC Films, Anchor Bay and Screen Media. I’m honored to be teaming up with these pros and very excited that the movie will be getting out there to find new audiences and to live a life all of its own.”

IFC is doing a great job grabbing up smaller horror flicks- they also have plans to distribute Pontypool (Russ’ review here) and Dead Snow this summer/spring.

They’re also going to be releasing the film on dvd, unfortunately exclusively through Blockbuster like Larry Fessenden’s previous film The Last Winter.

But it’s oh so great that this will be hitting theaters. This is going to be a fantastic time- we’ll let you know when everything gets finalized!