Will Christian Bale be taking a trip with Pixar to Barsoom in John Carter of Mars? That’s what Drew McWeeny over at Hitfix had been hearing around town lately, so when the opportunity to ask Bale to his face at the Terminator Salvation junket arose, he went for it.

“I don’t know what that is.”

What’s fascinating about the little game we play online is that this doesn’t mean Drew is ‘wrong.’ Even setting aside the fact that Bale might simply be lying, Drew’s info could be 100% accurate… but Pixar hasn’t gone out to Bale yet.

So the question arises, if Drew’s basic info is correct, is Bale a good choice for John Carter? He seems like an obvious choice in that he’s serious and yet friendly to geek franchises. But my usual Bale complaint – he’s too serious – kicks in again. I want a John Carter who swashbuckles.

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And click here to read Drew’s entire piece, where he thinks more about how rumors work in this town, and his thoughts on Bale as John Carter.