We’re exactly one week away from the Network Upfronts, the official primetime schedule reveals where TV dreams are either made or dashed.  We already know many shows that are coming back, which ones aren’t and some of the new pickups for the upcoming season.  My own proclivity for one show still hanging in the balance has been made very clear, so I won’t rehash said proclivity here.  But I’m counting down to the Upfront of the network on which the show airs and am fully prepared to either praise the network should they choose wisely or hire the old bag in Drag Me To Hell to put the whammy on the fickin’ lot of ‘em should they choose poorly.

Variety has a comprehensive article on the state of many shows, old and new, pre-Upfronts, and here’s how it boils down (with a completely unbiased comment or two):


  • Scrubs – Renewed.
    • This show is the Chev Chelios of primetime network TV.
  • Flash Forward – New show picked up.  From ABC Studios and scribes Brannon Braga and writer-helmer David S. Goyer. Joseph Fiennes leads an ensemble cast in the time-bender centering on what happens after everyone in the world blacks out for two minutes and 17 seconds.
  • Modern Family – New show picked up.
  • Better Off TedLooking good to return.
    • Missed out on this show so far.  Probably going to give it a summer look-see.
  • The Forgotten – New show that’s looking like a pick up.  Jerry Bruckheimer drama centers around amateur gumshoes.
  • Inside The Box – Drama starring Kim Raver as an aggressive femme producer in D.C., has been gaining steam.  Box, written by former ABC News producer Richard Robbins, is exec produced by Shonda Rhimes.
  • Happy Town – Murder mystery considered strong contender.
  • Eastwick – Adaptation of The Witches of Eastwick considered strong contender.
    • This is no less than the third try at a TV adaptation of this movie. 
  • Untitled Legal Ensemble – From writer David Hemingson
    • By the concept alone, this show will revolutionize TV as we know it.
  • Empire StateFrom Grey’s Anatomy exec producer Mark Gordon, is seen as a dark horse.
  • Cougar Town – Courtney Cox comedy is hot.
  • Romantically Challenged – Alyssa Milano comedy is hot.
    • As is Alyssa Milano.
  • The Law – Cedric The Entertainer comedy is hot.
  • Awesome Hank – Kelsey Grammer vehicle still in the mix, with some predicting an order.
  • Let It Go – Lauren Graham project said to have mixed reviews but shouldn’t be counted out.
    • 60 minutes of “F— me, Santa, f— me, Santa, f— me, Santa” would guarantee a pick up.
  • The Middle – Patricia Heaton project said to have mixed reviews but shouldn’t be counted out.


  • Ghost Whisperer – Renewed
  • The Mentalist – Renewed
  • NCIS SpinoffHas had strong buzz for more than a week for its NCIS spinoff (which aired as a planted two-part pilot seg on April 28-May 5) starring LL Cool J, which many predict will air on Tuesdays in the fall, alongside the NCIS mothership with The Mentalist moving to 10 p.m.
  • Good WifeFemme defense attorney drama starring ER alum Julianna Margulies earning strong marks.
    • Otherwise known as Canterbury’s Law 2.0.
  • Untitled U.S. Attorney Drama – Starring Melissa George and Jason Clark looks promising.
    • See comment for Untitled Legal Ensemble.
  • Three Rivers – Drama about organ donors and recipients starring Alex O’Loughlin (Moonlight) could find him back on the network.
  • House Rules – Follows the freshman class of Congress as they acclimate to D.C.  Poll numbers were moving in the right direction. 
    • Hopefully ratings will be higher than Congress’ current approval ratings.
  • Cold Case – Expected to return.
  • Without A Trace – Remains up in the air.
  • The Unit – Unlikely.
  • Accidentally On Purpose – Comedy starring Jenna Elfman.  Execs are smitten.
  • Happiness Isn’t Everything – Comedy starring Jason Biggs and written by Mitch Hurwitz and Jim Vallely had its heat easing up a bit during the weekend.
  • Waiting To Die – Buddy comedy from producer Mitch Hurwitz has begun to get some traction.


  • Brothers – Starring Michael Strahan finds sudden push receiving chatter.
    • If Strahan’s appearance on Chuck is any indication, hopefully chatter is “No thanks.”
  • Sons of Tucson – Comedy about a hustler who becomes dad to three rich brothers after their real
    father is sent up the river for a white-collar crime, remains a cinch
    for a spot on the sked.
  • Human TargetComic book-derived fantasy drama remains a cinch for a spot on the sked.
  • Past Life – Drama has its fans at the net but is still considered a lukewarm contender.
  • Glee – Drama starring Ryan Murphy will be sneaked after American Idol on May 19th and is already ordered for next season.
  • Cleveland – Family Guy spinoff set for fall.
  • Til Death – Set to return, but could be midseason or a fill-in for a cancelled show.

The CW

  • LilyGossip Girl 1980s spinoff has cooling heat…but is still a contender.
  • Melrose Place – Re-imagining is considered a lock.
  • Vampire Diaries – Expected to be greenlit.
  • A Beautiful Life – NYC male models drama giving competition to Lily for pick up.
    • Great, I’ve been hoping for that man take on Models, Inc. for like, forever.


  • Off Duty – Bradley Whitford / Romany Malco buddy-cop comedy might see a pick up pending an overhaul.

See NBC Infronts info from last week here.