I was out at the Terminator Salvation junket on Friday and missed a bunch of news, like the new trailer for Universal’s Land of the Lost. I wanted to make sure you guys got a look at this one, though, since I think it looks pretty damn funny. And the FX, at least in the 480p version I watched, look great. That’s a real change from many other FX-laden movies that can’t get their creatures finished in time for a trailer rollout.

The real highlight of this new trailer, to me, is Grumpy, the big T-Rex that looks to be Will Ferrell’s nemesis in this funnied up take on the classic Sid & Marty Krofft TV show. Coming in second is Chaka, who only gets a moment of his own screentime, but I like what little I see there.

Click here to see the trailer on Moviefone.