Sam Raimi + Horror = YOU ARE THERE.

For as long as has been in existence and long before, I’d heard rumblings about Sam Raimi doing a movie called The Lamia. Though not as scary as The Labia, it was rumored to be about a child-killing demon from Greco-Roman myth and anyone who’s anyone knows that despite Raimi’s aptitude for web-slinging antics the true creative wheelhouse for the man is in horror. Now, whether that horror features true viscera or Three Stooges-esque mayhem, your mileage probably varies.

The Lamia has finally surfaced in Drag Me to Hell, Raimi’s return to “True Horror”.

Now it IS rated PG-13, which causes me a little concern but if anyone has deserved damn near carte blanche with my film palate it is one Sam Raimi. Alison Lohman, Justin Long, and Lorna Raver star in the film abouta woman who is cursed by a Lamia and tomented for three days before her inevitable journey to Hell, hence the title.

Check out the trailer here and get juiced for the return of Sam Raimi!

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