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much TV as you think you watch, Uncle Mitch watches more. 
With beer in hand at all times.  He’s a mythological figure
and a great source of fun and special times.  At any given
time, his blood alcohol level is somewhere around the ratings for
American Idol.  But that doesn’t stop this drunk bitch from
sharing his insights on the week’s TV news.

24 Star Sutherland surrendered himself to the police Thursday to face charges of misdemeanor assault for headbutting fashion designer, Jack McCullough, at a recent charity event.

Uncle Mitch’s Take: I hear his legal strategy will be to blame it on a Muslim.

Kate Doesn’t Believe The Hype

John & Kate Plus 8’s Kate Gosselin appeared on Today to say that she doesn’t believe the rumors that her husband cheated on her with another woman, Deanna Hummel.

Uncle Mitch’s Take: And in related news, the crossover with Divorce Court is on…

Sister Team Misses Out On Million Dollar Final Because Of Bathroom Break

Sisters Kisha and Jennifer Hoffman were eliminated this past week on The Amazing Race because Jennifer had to “pee real bad.”

Uncle Mitch’s Take: I hear Phil Keoghan would have preferred it if she did it on him

Pratt and Montag: We’re Really Married

The Hills couple, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag dismiss rumors that their wedding is a publicity stunt or an angle for their show.

Uncle Mitch’s Take: I’ve been assured by Flavor and Bret that all that reality relationship stuff is 100% legit…

Schwarzenegger and Gibson To Appear on Leno’s Final Shows

Megastars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mel Gibson have agreed to help Jay Leno close out his run as host of The Tonight Show by appearing during his final week.

Uncle Mitch’s Take: They’ll be debating who hated Jewish people more: Germans or Gibsons.

Cagney and Lacey Reunite

Tyne Daly and Sharon Gless, the stars of ’80s TV cop show, Cagney and Lacey recently reunited in New York to promote the premiere of their show on

Uncle Mitch’s Take: I just loved them in Golden Girls