Once upon a time, I would have relished the idea of Sam Jackson cross-pollinating nine Marvel studios movies as Nick Fury. I’m still warm to the idea, so long as he’s not just a moving piece of background that floats from one film to another.

I have confidence that Jon Favreau will make him work in Iron Man 2, at least. On Location News has scads of photos of Fury on set this week, wearing six or seven cows’ worth of black leather shaped into a coat. You can’t say they’re not being faithful to the Ultimates look of the character, at least. (Normally I’d post a cutout of their exclusive pic, but with watermarks all over the thing like genital warts on a lot lizard, I think you know where it came from.)

Also check out more photos of Tony Stark kicking back in the giant donut hole of the Randy’s Donuts sign. Paramount had better work with Randy’s to mount an Iron Man mannequin in that sucker in April of next year to promote the film. Tourists will eat that shit up.