I’m not sure how District 9 was under the radar for anyone. Peter Jackson protege Neill Blomkamp was attached to the Halo movie, and when that tanked District 9 was quickly revealed as his actual (or new, take your pick) project. The trailer has justifiably caused a stir, and now there’s a poster.

What comes to mind, looking at this image? Resistance is futile. Maybe it’s just me, but all I can see when I gaze upon this alien shooting range target is Sony’s PS3 Resistance franchise. Which is too bad, because I love the idea of the film (aliens interred in a camp in South Africa) and I like the idea behind this image quite a bit. And if some of the PS3 sales figures are accurate, game nerds are the only ones who’ll see echoes of Resistance here.

The poster comes from Yahoo. If you haven’t seen the all-new, all-clear trailer, check it out.