Just in time for the weekend where we are all forced by guilt to lavish our mothers with presents, the Hollywood Reporter announced that there’s a Mother’s Day remake in the works by Twisted Pictures (Saw). The original was one of the best of a group of holiday-themed slasher films, about a crazed mother who loves her two redneck boys very, very much. Especially when they rape and kill people. The 1980 flick is from Troma (of course) and was directed by Lloyd Kaufman’s brother Charles.

It’s a pretty decent film that still holds up- it’s disturbing at points but generally silly and a good time. I’ve still got a laser disc copy of the movie from my days at Troma (no player though!) and throw the dvd on from time to time.

The remake is being directed by Darren Lynn Bousman, responsible for three of the worst Saw films, as well as the unfortunate mess that was Repo! The Genetic Opera. They’re doing something different with the story this time.

“We’re taking the iconic image of a mother, the most comforting and nurturing person in the world, and perverting that into something that is punishing and sadistic,” the Genre Co.’s Richard Saperstein said. He added that the remake will be timely, reflecting today’s foreclosures and tough economic times. “She’s lost her house,” Saperstein said. “Her boys are going to get it back to her.”

I hate how people can’t just be crazy in films, anymore. There’s always got to be some hackneyed reason.

Both Kaufmans will executive produce. While the original is no classic, Twisted Pictures’ involvement isn’t the most comforting thing. They’re looking for a Mother’s Day release in 2010, and will start shooting July if all goes well.