I loved Duncan Jones’ directorial debut Moon, and I’m really excited about his follow-up movie, which he has said takes its cues from Blade Runner and will be set in a future Berlin. Now new and nerdily cool info about that movie has surfaced, and it turns out that while the new film will not be a sequel to Moon, it will be set in the same universe.

At a post-Tribeca Film Festival screening Q&A Jones told the audience (and confirmed to me via Twitter) that he’s bringing Sam Rockwell back for a quick cameo in his next film to play Sam Bell, stranded lunar miner.

I love the ambition that Jones has. He made his film on a shoestring budget and it looks incredible; now he’s building his own world. And I’ll bet he’s not doing this haphazardly; Jones is a serious, dyed in the wool nerd himself, and I think he’s going to have fun planting little tiny connections in his future films for us obsessives to find.

Thanks to Raul for the info.