A couple days ago I posted news about Tribes of October, the greenscreen cops versus Mafia picture that will take place in post-apocalyptic Manhattan. The film features Ray Stevenson in the lead and James Caan and Robert Duvall in key supporting roles, which is enough to pique my interest.

It’s hard, though, to commit full interest to a film that will be largely CGI. The Spirit still haunts me. But there was a promise of some good evidence to come, as seven minutes of proposed CGI footage is set to be shown at Cannes.

Last night I was sent a link to images from that footage, and I love it. On our message boards someone mentioned how the film’s plot is vaguely reminiscent of Last Man Standing. And yeah, from these I get a slight visual vibe that calls back to Walter Hill’s movie, augmented with that now-familiar green-screened CGI backdrop look. Though instead of the Sin City/Spirit black and white, this skews seriously orange.

Obviously there’s a lot more left to see. We don’t know how representative this will be of the actual film, or how well Phililppe Martinez will direct his actors. But I like what I see so far.