Yesterday Iron Man 2 filmed on location at Randy’s Donuts, a spot famous for its giant donut sign. The crew placed a half-armored, unhelmeted Iron Man inside said donut for a scene with Nick Fury. People Magazine got a picture of Robert Downey Jr in the suit – which I guess is our first look at the armor in the sequel – and here it is for you.

Scarlett Johansson was also on set yesterday, and on his Twitter feed director Jon Favreau said her appearance in costume made everybody get really quiet (read: got boners). I would like to imagine that a fully suited up Black Widow hits Randy’s Donuts.

Quick thought: if Fury and Black Widow are showing up at Randy’s, does this mean she’s a good guy throughout the movie? Or is this a climactic scene, after a reformed Widow joins SHIELD? Tony Stark has the appearance of a man with a hangover, and I understand this movie ramps up towards the Demon in a Bottle storyline pretty seriously, so this scene could have been from the end of the film.

For the full image, visit People.