Facebook has premiered the third Inglorious Basterds character poster, and this time it’s Diane Kruger. Head to Facebook to become a friend of the movie and be the first to be alerted to new posters, clips and other exciting marketing materials.

Update from Russ: One more character poster has been released, featuring the lovely Melanie Laurent. Cinematical has the image, which is our best look yet at the film’s actual heroine.

Laurent’s Shoshanna Dreyfus is the true primary character in the film, but so far has been minimized in the promo materials. I do like that, as the film gets closer to it’s Cannes premiere, we’re seeing the female characters emphasized as heavily as the male. That’s not a surprise from Quentin Tarantino, who always elevates (some would say fetishizes) his female leads, but it’s a good thing to see during the male-skewed summer season.

A portion of the image is below; head to Cinematical for the full poster.