Brett Ratner is attached to one project less. The director, whose name is associated with seemingly a dozen movies, has dropped off the new Conan movie according to the film’s producer Joe Gatta.

“We’re currently in the process of hiring a director,” he told Empire. “For
the past six months we were discussing the movie with Brett Ratner, and
for more timing issues than anything else we had to part ways with
Brett. We all wanted him to do it, believe me; just the timing didn’t
work. But you never know what can happen.”

The film is supposedly shooting this August in Bulgaria, and Gatta made it sound like if Ratner’s schedule clears up he could be back. To be honest, if Ratner has been working on the film for the last six months, much of the script has likely been shaped by his sensibilities. Even if Ratner stays off the project, his touch will be on it.