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Tonight marks the return of the original crew of the starship Enterprise… sort of. JJ Abrams’ prebootquel throws out the prior canon and starts anew, and with a whole new cast of younger actors playing the iconic characters. You can read my review of the film right here to see if I think Abrams succeeded.

In honor of the return of the Trek franchise, today’s Watch This Now brings us back to the start of the original Trek franchise. Or its second start at any rate. Gene Roddenberry delivered a pilot for his Star Trek, set aboard a ship called the USS Enterprise, with a crew that included a Vulcan named Spock. But pretty much everything else was different – a different captain, different uniforms, different crew. The network liked it but wanted Roddenberry to change some things, and he came back to them with a second pilot, called Where No Man Has Gone Before. Spock’s still there but now we meet Captain Kirk and many of the familiar regulars, although some, like Sulu, hold different jobs. For reasons unknown to man, the network aired this pilot third when Star Trek premiered.

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