Our pals at LAWeekly.com sent along several pics from their coverage of a recent auction in Los Angeles conducted by Profiles in History.  Some of the lots came from the Forrest J Ackerman estate.  Ackerman, who passed away last year, certainly needs no introduction to sci-fi fans (hell, he coined the damn term) and his collection of memorabilia is legendary.  There were also items from Jeff Walker’s Blade Runner collection, as well as items created by Stan Winston.  Some of the lots at the auction range from the very rare (Marilyn Monroe’s prescription bottle?!) to the very obscure (Deckard’s shot glass), but many of them boggle the mind.  It would be no surprise if first-borns were offered up in the bidding.  I also wouldn’t be surprised if some rich ubergeek bought all of the Blade Runner stuff, rented Sean Young ( I hear her rates are reasonable) and re-enacted the whole damn film in front of a mirror. 

Anyway, a few choice pieces are pictured below.  You can head over to LAWeekly for the full slideshow of 27 items.

Deckard’s Hero Blaster from Blade Runner.

Harrison Ford’s Deckard costume from Blade Runner

Bela Lugosi’s Dracula ring.

Original Creature from the Black Lagoon, “Gill Man” mask from Revenge of The Creature (1955).

First American edition of Dracula signed by Bram Stoker, Bela Lugosi, Vincent Price and more.