Top Gear is my favorite show on television. The humor, the editing, the three amazing hosts, and the bizarre situations that arise from their predicaments. I’ve been showing it off to the patrons of the cigar bar I frequent and it’s become the centerpiece of the afternoon for many of the regulars.

Here’s why Top Gear is great, per Andrea, a recent convert from our daily showings of episodes at the cigar shop:

Nothing else captures the spirit of young boys being naughty, in a non-gay way better than Top Gear does. We all drive. Most of us stick to the rules. We take care of our vehicles. We stay in between the lines. But finally… a show that celebrates the fun of crashing and of re-inventing the car, commute, and race. Finally, you can sink into the couch and live through these British gentlemen as they take the ride of what you wish was your life. They have the best jobs. We all sit around saying that.

This isn’t just a man show. This isn’t just for car enthusiasts. Of course, it has those elements. If you care to know, they tell you how many liters the engine is and how much the car weighs and all those things that are supposed to get you hard. But the real greatness these good-humored men in the drivers seats and the celebrity guests they bring in to test the cars on the track. There is so much personality behind the wheel. “Cock!!” as an interjection never sounded better than in a British accent.

Some of my favorite moments…

The every day man’s clown car. A real car. I’m not sure if it’s best viewed being driven into an elevator and through the office or dwarfed by a double-decker bus on the streets. Either way, I couldn’t stop laughing.

A motor home race on an abandoned track. In the spirit of the Vikings, it’s an all-out demolition derby. Weapons include: frying pan.

The search for the ultimate scenic cruise. They travel to the most majestic and quiet roads. This ain’t travel channel bullshit, but it would have blown my dick off if I had one.

The RV with a sports-car fetus. That’s right.

I’m newly addicted.

I have some DVDs of the 10th season for lucky readers of this website, and trust me when I say that you don’t have to be a car enthusiast to be granted serious entertainment from it. You want this, and to be eligible I have a few rules. Use the link below, include your mailing address, and answer the questions below to the best of your abilities.

Good luck!

1. What was your first car?

2. What’s your current car?

3. Unlimited budget, what do you buy to drive?

4. What car that is popular do you loathe?

5. If you and I were spending the weekend together in a remote location, how would you entertain me?