Rockstar just sent over the trailer for Red Dead Redemption (one day after IGN got it! Lucky bastards!) and it’s pretty fantastic.
Not a whole lot of gameplay is shown, but this is all in-game graphics, and as you can tell the voice acting and story is already pretty damn compelling. The lead character may look like a man with no name (ahem) but he’s got one- John Marston. He seems to be the typical hard man reluctantly pushed into action. Rockstar loves those kind of characters.

In Redemption, players will take the reins of notorious outlaw John Marston and attempt to navigate a world in flux, caught between the lawless west and the expanding reach of government order.

Anyway, an open-world Western game with everything you’d expect from the time period(horses, train robberies, street shootouts, etc.) sounds great to me. Let’s hope they’ve learned from the mistakes of the last Red Dead.