Sorry,  European Ghostbusters fans…. even Egon can’t make sense of this.

Atari and Sony Europe just made a deal to release Ghostbusters: The Videogame exclusively to PS3 and PS2. While those of us in the States will be able to pick up the game on pretty much every console under the sun (Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, PS2, PC and DS) on June 16th, no such luck for our European brethren. They’ll get it for their Sony consoles on the 19th of June.
“We assessed the situation of the Ghostbusters franchise in Europe and saw that a united partnership with Sony was the best approach to maximize the long-term value of the franchise,” says Atari CEO and president Jim Wilson. “We have an opportunity here to have first-party support behind such a significant franchise and the opportunity to then go back and publish the other SKUs later on.”
So, later on in the year the game will apparently hit the other systems, but that’s a pretty big exclusive for such a big property. It’s also a pretty stupid idea, especially seeing as gamers have been promised it for every system beforehand, and likely won’t want to wait to play it on their system of choice. Gamers are not by definition patient individuals…

The press release also revealed that there is indeed a PSP version on the way that will hit all regions sometime in August, but no word on which developer is handling it.