While no one knows just when Starcraft 2 will hit (any of its three iterations), those of you who absolutely can’t wait might have a chance to get your fix a little earlier. They’ve currently got internal testing going on at Blizzard, but it’s almost time for a closed beta!

If you want a chance at being selected, you better head on over to Battle.net and make sure that you’ve chosen to opt-in to the Starcraft beta. Once you have you’ll download a small program that sends your system specs off to them for appraisal.

There’s one catch- you have to have registered a previous Blizzard product to get in. You’ve got to own Warcraft, Diablo or Starcraft already, right? If you don’t, may I suggest you pick up the Starcraft Anthology? It’s only 15 bucks and still reigns as one of the best RTS ever made.

According to an interview with Chris Sigaty on IncGamers, the beta will be multiplayer-only and allow you to play as all three races. The maps included may or may not be included in the final game, depending on future tweaks.

More as we hear it!