Poor All The Boys Love Mandy Lane. It just can’t catch a break. The slasher film, starring Amber Heard, was The Wackness director Jonathan Levine’s feature debut, and it was made in 2006. The Weinstein Company bought it and sat on it for years; eventually it got sold to Senator, who was set to finally distribute the movie starting this July 17th.

But now Senator has taken the film off their slate; apparently they’ve taken many films off their slate, and it looks like the distrib is in some trouble. So what happens to Mandy Lane now? It’s already been released in the UK, but it looks to continue languishing here in the US. I don’t love Mandy Lane as much as some of my colleagues do (or as much as I love The Wackness), but it’s an interesting debut and a film I think well worth watching for genre fans. I hope those fans in the US finally get a chance to see it… some day.

via Shock Til You Drop