With only a couple months to go before filming commences on WB’s Green Lantern (set to start in Australia in July) all has been quiet on the casting front. This isn’t a big deal, as casting moves are regularly made right at the wire, but it’s left the subject open to crazy speculation. For some reason, people are really invested in who might play the guy who manifests green willpower with an alien ring. Yet no character, from Green Lantern and alter ego Hal Jordan down to the most inconsequential gun-toting mook, has been cast — or, more to the point, no casting has been publicly announced.  

Last night Drew at HitFix got some good info about the role, and after doing a little follow-up he’s reporting that Bradley Cooper, soon to get his breakout moment in The Hangover, is one of the main guys in line for the character. This is a good thing that hopefully won’t be messed up by the news breaking. Cooper suggests the studio isn’t determined to go grim’n’gritty with this one. More to the point, Cooper could be a fantastic Hal Jordan, both funny and heroic. After seeing Star Trek I would have been happy if that Chris Pine rumor had come true, but this is a move I like even better.