Those of us who have ever lived on an Antarctic island plagued with murderous humanoid amphibians while harboring an equally murderous intolerance for said humanoid amphibians that could only be quelled with common emotional ground achieved through fucking a hot female humanoid amphibian will no doubt relate to the story told in David Slade’s upcoming film, Cold Skin. With Slade’s adaptation of 30 Days of Night still fresh in everyone’s mind, the first poster for Cold Skin could be an indicator of just how big of a role the arctic environment will play in the film. Slade has already said that he sees Cold Skin as an ‘atmospheric’ horror film. For a larger image of the poster, visit Shock Till You Drop.

Slade will begin filming Cold Skin next March after completing the second film in the popular Twilight series. The adaptation, which is based off of a Spanish novel, was written by 28 Weeks Later co-writer Jesus Olmo.