Anyone who sees Bronson will immediately make a few staggering leaps of genius: Tom Hardy is a great actor, could be a serious star and should be cast by good filmmakers in interesting films as soon as possible. (No implication is meant there that Refn is not good and Bronson is not interesting. He’s great and the movie is a must-see.)

Christopher Nolan has followed through and hired Hardy for Inception, his largely under-wraps sci-fi picture starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Hardy will work with DiCaprio’s character, while the newly hired Ken Watanabe will be the flick’s antagonist.

I’m probably the person least likely to worship Nolan, which goes counter to the general ‘guy movie site” ethos, but how can you not love this cast, especially when they’re slotted into what’s said to be a true sci-fi film by one of the few guys in Hollywood with the leeway to make the movie his way?