Ah, the MTV Movie Awards– a celebration of film and music unlike any other where films are not judged solely on critical appeal or artistic integrity, but also on commercial success. Where else can we pit a blockbuster like The Dark Knight against a cinematic triumph such as Slumdog Millionaire? As for horror fans, the Academy Awards never give our favorite films the appreciation they deserve. Take MTV’s category of Best Villain for example.


* Derek Mears – Friday The 13th (Warner Bros. Pictures)

* Dwayne Johnson – Get Smart (Warner Bros. Pictures)

* Heath Ledger – The Dark Knight (Warner Bros. Pictures)

* Johnathon Schaech – Prom Night (Screen Gems)

* Luke Goss – Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Universal Pictures)

Maybe the Academy should follow MTV’s lead and let us decide who the most brutal villain in film was last year (Pssst, It’s The Rock!). I guess it is good that there is at least one category where you pretty much have to include some sort of horror movie character so that it doesn’t look as bad when you ignore the entire genre in every other category.

Hold it, Jonathan Schaech of Prom Night?– major WTF moment here. OMG! That would make a great name for a category. Oh, thanks MTV, I was totally freaking out– LOL! As shocking as it may have been for me to learn that Johnathan Schaech’s long lost performance from Prom Night is finally getting its due, what are the nominees for 2009’s Best WTF Moments?

BEST WTF MOMENT (New Category)

* Amy Poehler – Baby Mama, Peeing In the Sink (Universal Pictures)

* Angelina Jolie – Wanted, Curved Bullet Kill (Universal Pictures)

* Ayush Mahesh Khedekar – Slumdog Millionaire, Jumping in the Poop Shed (Fox Searchlight)

* Ben Stiller – Tropic Thunder, Tasting the Decapitated Head (DreamWorks SKG/ Paramount Pictures)

* Jason Segel and Kristen Bell – Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Naked Break-Up (Universal Pictures)

I kind of went “what the fuck!?!” when Jason Voorhees strung that camper up in a sleeping bag and burned her alive with her own campfire, but who am I to argue with the ol’ peeing in the sink bit? To see a list of the other deserving nominees, including all seven nominations bestowed upon the horrifying vampire flick Twilight, check out MTV’s website.