This is the latest poster for Jake “Evil Aliens” West’s upcoming film Doghouse, presented by his official fansite. It’s looking pretty fun.

The film is about a supernatural battle of the sexes, as a group of guys heading out for a weekend of male bonding is ruined by a bunch of crazed, cannibalistic women-things. If you’ve missed the trailer, here it is-

The women look more like they had their face scratched by that mask from Demons than just zombies, don’t they? Ain’t bad in my book.

Why should you be extremely excited about this? Evil Aliens is a fantastic film, the kind of movie that gets that Dead Alive splatstick vibe without being a complete and total ripoff. It’s one of the best party movies you can watch, and has what is probably one of my favorite off-the-wall scenes in recent memory (the combine harvester scene, of course)

So Jake West has proven before that he knows how to make a terrifically entertaining film… let’s hope he has done it again. No word on a US release just yet, but check the official site for more.